Future Digital Finance West 2017

December 04-December 05, 2017

The Wigwam, Phoenix, AZ

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David Newman

Senior Vice President/Strategic Planning Manager
Wells Fargo

David Newman is Strategic Planning Manager, Senior Vice President, Innovation Group at Wells Fargo Bank.  David also chairs the Semantic Technology program for the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Council and leads the Council’s efforts to develop ontologies for the financial industry known as the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO).  FIBO is a free and open source ontology that semantically describes business entities, derivatives, securities, loans, corporate actions and metadata.  FIBO is being developed as the next generation global financial data standard.  FIBO can be used to support macro-prudential and institutional risk management, regulatory compliance and reporting, risk analytics, as well as serve as a foundational set of semantic building blocks for enterprise data models and taxonomies.  It therefore provides a solid basis for strategic fulfillment of BCBS-239.  David is also responsible for the working group that is developing executable reference ontologies that demonstrate FIBO’s many advanced capabilities.  In addition, David is starting an initiative to position elements of FIBO to be available for semantic markup of financial content for internet sites through a collaboration with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.  David is a frequent speaker at industry conferences on semantic technology as well as at regulatory and academic conferences on systemic financial risk.  At Wells Fargo, David focuses on emerging technologies and innovation initiatives and leads the Wells Fargo Semantic Technology Community of Interest.

5:00 PM Interactive Roundtables – Select a Table and Enjoy an Interactive Discussion

Roundtable discussions are a great way to get tons of insights from your banking peers.  These small group discussions focus on a niche topic. There will be a host to facilitate discussion and serve as a subject expert, to ensure your questions get answered.

Table 1: Blockchain Technology And Cryptocurrencies: Is It Worth The Investment?

  • Moving past the theoretical application of blockchain technologies 
  • Identifying the practical applications and results from successful programs
  • Determining whether there is an ROI yet
  • The legal implications: Learning what signatures and mutually agreed legally binding documentation you need

Hosted By: Don Dele, Sr Director Digital Development, Rewards & Loyalty Platform, Royal Bank of Canada

Table 2: Facilitating Change Management In Times Of Transition

Financial Institutions are no strangers to change. Whether it’s implementing new products/services, digitizing manual processes, converting to a new banking system or merging with another financial institution, the change must be managed.  Join this discussion to share experiences from your financial institution and learn from others what has worked well as you prepare for upcoming change.

  • Is there a culture of change at your financial institution and if so, what did you do to develop it?
  • When approaching change management, the default is often to focus on the rational side of what happens and miss the emotional component of how people feel about the change. With that in mind, how do you prepare your staff for change? What are some things that have worked well (or not?)
  • How do you prepare your customers for change? Are they receptive or resistant?
  • What do you believe are the most important aspects to successfully managing change?

Hosted By:  Margarita Luyre, Sr Product Manager, Digital Banking, Central 1 Credit Union;
Jessica Morettie, Sr Manager, Strategic Planning & Alignment, Central 1 Credit Union

Table 3: Getting Buy-In For Innovation

  • How to have an innovation center
  • How do you get funding
  • How do you get leaders to buy into an area that focuses on new product concepts
  • How are you able to move the needle with the initial investment

Hosted By: David Newman, Senior Vice President/Manager, Strategic Planning, Wells Fargo

Table 4: Implementing A Successful Chatbot Experience

  • Determining the type of personality it should have
  • Identifying where it should manifest (live inside of an app or on a public website, or a connected device)
  • Looking at ad opportunities inside of chat dialogs
  • Finding out what’s coming next with Chatbots

Hosted By: Heidi Capodanno, Director of Customer Experience, Union Savings Bank

Table 5: What’s The Future Of Mobile Apps In A Chat-Bot And Voice Controlled World
Hosted By: Chris Barlow, VP, Mobile Banking , WebsterBank 

Table 6: Augmented and Virtual Reality Enhancements To The Financial Services Customer Experience: Looking At the Possibilities

  • Comprehending all of the possible applications of AR and VR use in a financial environment 
  • Looking at gamification opportunities 
  • Managing the content creation process
  • Determining how to resource for this (executing internally or getting a third party to assist)
  • Ensuring your marketing and communications teams are up to speed on the technology to help steer the direction of the content 
  • Doing a cost/benefit analysis to determine the best ROI, and present the most relevant experience as possible for your clients

Hosted By: Marria Rhodriquez, VP, Digital Product Management and Strategy, Wells Fargo

8:35 AM Keynote: Knowledge Graph: Driving Towards the Next Generation of Data For Finance

We are at the juncture of a major shift in how we represent and manage data.  Conventional data management capabilities are ill equipped to effectively link, harmonize and understand data, especially when it is dispersed across multiple line of business organizations or when it is unstructured. This presentation focuses on new ways of working with data by utilizing AI and knowledge graph technology.  Knowledge graph is a prerequisite for better understanding customer data.  You’ll understand how to leverage knowledge graph as well as various aspects of AI with a focus on ontology, machine learning and natural language processing. 

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining David

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