Future Digital Finance West 2017

December 04-December 05, 2017

The Wigwam, Phoenix, AZ

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Hisham Salama

Vice President/Head of Emerging Payments & Innovation
TD Bank

Hisham Salama is committed to improving lives through digital experience. As Vice President and Head of Emerging Payments & Innovation at TD Bank, he leads payment innovation and delivery for payments within mobile and online banking in North America and Canada. He has extensive knowledge of e-commerce and a rare talent for designing solutions to complex business challenges that increase both customer satisfaction and profitability.

Hisham’s leadership, entrepreneurial drive, and ability to partner with major industry players earned him the role of Vice President at the age of 33. He is an innovator and has filed multiple patents in the US and Canada. He is also known for his ability to communicate, network, and negotiate with anyone. He is frequently deployed to represent TD Bank in important industry dialogues and decisions. Most recently, Hisham represented TD Bank on the Mobile Wallet Security Standards Committee in Canada and within The Clearing House Secure Token Exchange in the United States.

Exceling in both strategic vision and implementation, Hisham was responsible for the launch of TD My Spend, a real-time personal financial management tool, handling everything from strategy and contract negotiations to design and roll-out. Under Hisham’s leadership, TD MySpend reached 1M downloads in its first year, which represents a 29% adoption rate for online customers. TD MySpend users hold higher account balances, visit bank branches less often, and overall experience greater convenience and satisfaction with TD Bank.

Before occupying his current position, Hisham held increasingly senior managerial and executive roles with TD Bank and Bank of America. Hisham was a key member of the BankAmeriDeals product development team, establishing relationships and collaborating closely with local and national merchants, along with several professional sports teams.

Hisham is a regular speaker at industry conferences throughout the country. He currently serves on the board of advisors for The Livelihood Project, based in Toronto. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, with a concentration in Finance, from North Carolina State University in 2005.

4:25 PM The Truths and Realities of a World with Open Banking

This session will provide a balanced view into how financial institutions are embracing a world where open banking continues to play an increasing role into strategic decisions. Whether regulation, increasing pressure from Fintech's, or newly formed partnerships, open banking is a concept of growing importance for the world of digital banking.
  • Clearly defining open banking
  • Providing concrete examples of how FI's are embracing the underlying shift
  • Discussion of various strategies FI's are discussing or implementing 
  • Understanding the importance of proactive partnerships in an open banking model

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