Future Digital Finance West 2017

December 04-December 05, 2017

The Wigwam, Phoenix, AZ

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Jeff Lee

Chief Marketing Officer
Seacoast Bank

Jeff Lee is the Chief Marketing Officer for Seacoast Bank.  His responsibilities include developing and executing strategic and tactical marketing plans for the bank, working closely with the leaders of each business line.  Additionally, Jeff is also responsible for ensuring the bank’s digital strategy and related digital marketing activities are closely aligned with the broader company strategic marketing plan.  Areas led by Jeff include Consumer Marketing, Business Marketing, In-Branch Marketing, Business Analytics, Web Development, Digital Marketing and External Affairs.  Prior to joining Seacoast, Jeff was the Director of Digital Marketing at BGT Partners (since purchased by PwC), working closely with clients to develop and execute digital marketing strategies and plans.  Other prior roles include Director of Interactive Marketing with American Express International and Senior Director of Digital Audience Development for Bonnier Corporation.

9:00 AM Keynote: Unlocking Value Creation Through Analytics & Digital: A Cultural Journey

Data has quickly become the most valuable asset of any financial services company.  But amongst all the promise and opportunity that becoming a data centric organization offers, the cultural journey is perhaps the most important aspect to enabling break through value creation. This session delves into the intersection of analytics and digital, giving you a firsthand look at the Seacoast Bank journey.

  • Hearing about the journey to re-center their bank around using insights to drive value creation
  • Taking a closer look at the steps taken, challenges encountered, failures, and successes along the way
  • Reviewing the cultural implications, especially related to employees, customers and shareholders

9:25 AM Keynote Panel Discussion: The Data Holy Grail: Truly Understanding Your Customers, and Offering the Right Message and Right Offer

Data has the power to truly change the way that banks understand customer behavior across channels – if it is used properly.  For example, if you can pinpoint who your customers are as they enter your branches, you can make offers and communicate more effectively with them, offering tailored products and services for them.  The business of analysis can unlock tremendous opportunities in both the long and short-term  – and this session demonstrates how.

  • Uncovering untapped opportunities with your data; making changes in the short-term
  • Discovering tools to help analyze your data and provide a deeper analysis 
  • Trying to automate the gathering the data instead of pulling from disparate data sources
  • Analyzing customer data and creating dashboards that can help you to make better business decisions
  • Understanding what your customer/client wants so you can provide a better experience for them

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