Future Digital Finance West 2017

December 04-December 05, 2017

The Wigwam, Phoenix, AZ

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Scott Harkey

Payments Practice Lead

Scott Harkey leads the Payment Practice at a Charlotte, NC based consulting firm, Levvel. In his role, Scott leads the payments efforts with with a number of US and Canadian banks, Digital Wallets, Merchants, Acquirers and startups on digital payment strategy, payments architecture, and custom application development and vendor integration efforts.

Prior to joining Levvel, Scott was a Technology Executive at Bank of America managing the bank’s Digital Wallet technical efforts. In this role, we was responsible for a number of large scale technical deployments and partnerships including ones with Softcard, Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, The Clearing House, and many others. This experience, along with 10 years of technology merger integration and IT operations outsourcing work at Wells Fargo, enables Scott to bring a unique “insider” point of view combined with a proven track record of delivery to banks, technology providers, and merchants operating in the digital payments space.

Scott holds a number of payment related patents, is a frequent speaker on digital wallets and payments, and is playing an active role in creating a Fintech culture in the Charlotte payments community. Scott also holds a MIS degree from the UNC Charlotte, a MBA from NC State University and lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife, daughter, and twin boys.

4:25 PM The Truths and Realities of a World with Open Banking

This session will provide a balanced view into how financial institutions are embracing a world where open banking continues to play an increasing role into strategic decisions. Whether regulation, increasing pressure from Fintech's, or newly formed partnerships, open banking is a concept of growing importance for the world of digital banking.
  • Clearly defining open banking
  • Providing concrete examples of how FI's are embracing the underlying shift
  • Discussion of various strategies FI's are discussing or implementing 
  • Understanding the importance of proactive partnerships in an open banking model

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