Future Digital Finance West 2017

December 04-December 05, 2017

The Wigwam, Phoenix, AZ

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Vaduvur Bharghavan

Co-Founder & CEO

Vaduvur Bharghavan is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Ondot.

Prior to Ondot, VB founded Meru Networks, a global enterprise wireless LAN company (NASD: MERU) and Bytemobile, a global cellular data optimization company (acq: Citrix).

9:10 AM Head of Digital Keynote Panel Discussion: Rethinking Digital: Bringing Customer-Centricity Bank to Banking

Heads of digital at banking institutions are bombarded with opportunities to add new technology, but understanding if that technology can truly help their customers is key. And with the growth of the fintech market, banks are struggling to understand if these products really help customers, and whether that technology should become part of their offerings. This panel looks at customer needs from a technology standpoint, to help you rethink your digital strategy in the long-term.

  • Stop chasing “new shiny object” in terms of new tech so the customer doesn’t get lost in the process
  • Understanding innovating is great but you can’t sacrifice your customers in the process 
  • Figuring out how to help your customer, and in turn, the relationship between banks and fintechs
  • Ensuring any new technology can help meet a specific customer need (not just incorporating technology for technology’s sake)
  • Identifying how  you can plug fintech functionality into your bank (and whether partnering with fintechs makes the most sense to do that)

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