Future Digital Finance West 2017

December 04 - 05, 2017

The Wigwam, Phoenix, AZ

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Assessing the Digital Landscape for Financial Institutions: How to Lead the Charge with People and Technology

Click the image on the left to download now! Sheds light on the current state of the industry's advances in digital transformation and the important role of technology in that progress. It presents survey-based insights into how financial leaders in digital strategy and marketing are striving to become the disruptor rather than the disrupted in the age of the connected customer. Key points include: Silos' effect on customer retention and how to avoid them Spreading customer interaction to teams other than marketing Promoting a change-ready company culture

NetFinance Interactive 2016 Attendee List

A Who's Who of everyone you'll be mixing and mingling with at NetFinance Interactive 2016. Download the preliminary agenda today! Updated 11-23-16

Customer Centricity

Click the image on the left to download now! Drawing on more than 12 weeks of intensive research and interviews with the leaders of digital finance, "The Director's Report" of NetFinance Interactive offers a comprehensive overview of topics like: Delivery Consistent Experiences in an OmniChannel World Top Industry Drivers Current Issues What's Ahead For NetFinance Interactive

How Financial Institutions Are Harnessing Omni-Channel Strategies in 2015 and Beyond

Click the image on the left to download now! As part of the first annual NetFinance Interactive conference, a spin-off of the NetFinance US series, Accenture Interactive hosted a VIP Think Tank discussion focused on the critical challenges that face digital executives in financial services today. The discussion brought together many of the industry’s top minds, including executives from Bank of America, Citi, TD,  BBVA Compass, Farmers Insurance, and USAA, among others.

NetFinance Interactive 2015 Attendee List

Join us this December in San Diego to discover how to manage innovative and disruptive technologies, craft omni-channel strategies, improve your analytics, monetize mobile, and create the ideal digital advisor. Intimate and senior level, NetFinance Interactive will be a worthwhile investment for you and your team. Click the image to the left to see who you could meet at NetFinance Interactive 2015! Why Attend NetFinance Interactive? High Value: 3 Days, 50 sessions, 60 Financial Services Speakers, 200 actionable takeaways Most Senior Conference In The Industry: 85% of speakers are at a VP level or above. Hear from the people making real decisions Highest Ratio Of FI’s To Vendors In The Industry: Meet and network with your peers by having at least 2 Financial Services executives to each solution provider The Most In-Depth Content: Addressed by the leading pioneers in the industry due to 9 months of research, organization & planning Ability To Set Up One To One Meetings With Speakers: Have your most pressing questions answered Wide Range Of FI’s Speaking & Represented On Each Panel: Enhanced diversity and learning from multiple institutions Private Roundtable Discussions For Each Industry: Tailored conversations specifically for your type of organizations without being pitched

B2B Fintech: Payments, Supply Chain Finance, & E-invoicing Guide 2016

The B2B Fintech: Payments, Supply Chain Finance & E-invoicing Guide 2016 gives you global insights on the B2B payments, supply chain finance & e-invoicing market. Read what industry experts have to say about the potentially untapped opportunities in cross-border B2B payments, how banks are innovating, what are the latest innovations in SMB financing, what are the most important regulatory updates and many other topics. Highlights from the Guide: - the future of banking innovation from two leading banks (Deutsche Bank, UniCredit); - the most interesting use cases for blockchain in B2B payments and supply chain finance (Aite Group, Innopay, Orchard Finance); - how to reinvent the correspondent banking model as we know it today (SWIFT); - the challenges for international payments & financing projects (sharedserviceslink, KAE, NAPCP, Token, Future Asia Ventures, INTIX); - supply chain finance: a significant new proposition in the financing of trade and supply chains, but what’s next (ICC Banking Commission, Windesheim & Capital Chains, Magnus Lind – The Talent Show, Anita Gerrits); - the steps needed for successful open & cross-border e-invoicing (Comarch EDI, Fraunhofer Institute, simplerinvoicing); - the regulation helps or hinders innovation and growth: up-to-date insights on PSD2, Directive 2014/55/EU, Prompt Payment Code, etc. (Brendan Jones, EESPA, Asset Based Finance Association, The International Association for Alternative Finance - IAAF)

Customers Continue to Drive Digital Success

Customer preferences and lifestyles have drastically changed how they engage with Financial Institutions (FI’s). Today, consumers are interested in accessing their finances across several different channels, whenever and wherever they are. Despite this, FI’s are adapting slower than they should – and customers are starting to look at third party developers to help them manage their finances. Instead of finding new ways to adopt critical digital strategies, FI’s continue to make arguably slow progress – citing compliance issues, difficulty of getting the proper buy-in from upper management and costly infrastructure upgrades. Technology has leveled the playing field and given smaller players the chance to compete by being more agile – they’re able to get to market first. Therefore if FI’s want to maintain a competitive advantage, they need to be at the forefront of digital innovation by offering customers the ability to access the right products, be able to measure customer interactivity across channels and ultimately justify their marketing spend to deliver their greatest possible ROI. Customers are changing how they interact with their finances – and companies will have to react accordingly.

Grappling with GAFA: The Need for a Data Revolution in Financial Services

As personalization and tailored customer solutions become standard practice in other industries, banks are struggling to understand their customers and their needs. This report will explore how personalization is impacting the bank-customer relationship in the digital age. You will discover how banks can:provision digital enhancements with data-driven personalizationimplement technologies that immediately improve customers’ financial healthestablish transparency so customers see how use of their data is benefiting them