Future Digital Finance West 2017

December 04-December 05, 2017

The Wigwam, Phoenix, AZ

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017: Optimizing Data, CX and Omni-Banking

As data is the backbone for great CX and UX, we’ve dedicated a day to it. And don’t forget about omni and mobile banking as well, as they are critical to really enhance the overall customer experience. Get a detailed look at the latest in all of these areas on the second day of the conference.
This wonderful networking opportunity is worth the early wake up call. Karen Kallet, SVP/Chief Digital Operations Officer at BoFi Federal Bank will host this FDF favorite. Meet your peers, share ideas and make meaningful new connections with women leaders in digital banking. Then continue the conversation after the breakfast by joining the private LinkedIn group to stay informed and in touch throughout the rest of the year.

Karen Kallet

Senior Vice President/Chief Digital Operations Officer
BofI Federal Bank

Marria Rhodriquez

Vice President, Digital Product Management & Strategy
Wells Fargo

7:40 AM - 8:15 AM Continental Breakfast in the Innovation Lab

8:15 AM - 8:25 AM Welcome Remarks & Benchmarking Survey

Lori Hawthorne, Program Director, Future Digital Finance West 2017


Lori Hawthorne

Program Director
Future Digital Finance West 2017

8:25 AM - 8:40 AM Chairperson’s Opening Address

8:40 AM - 9:05 AM Keynote: Using Data To Inform Your Strategy Across Your Digital Footprint

David Newman, Senior Vice President/Strategic Planning Manager, Wells Fargo
There are many tools and options when thinking about how to manage your data processes. Get a deep understanding around how to pull more insights out of your data in this keynote session.


David Newman

Senior Vice President/Strategic Planning Manager
Wells Fargo

9:05 AM - 9:30 AM Keynote: Unlocking Value Creation Through Analytics & Digital: A Cultural Journey

Jeff Lee, Chief Information Officer, Seacoast National Bank
Data has quickly become the most valuable asset of any financial services company. But amongst all the promise and opportunity that becoming a data centric organization offers, the cultural journey is perhaps the most important aspect to enabling break through value creation. This session delves into the intersection of analytics and digital, giving you a firsthand look at the Seacoast Bank journey.

  • Hearing about the journey to re-center their bank around using insights to drive value creation
  • Taking a closer look at the steps taken, challenges encountered, failures, and successes along the way
  • Reviewing the cultural implications, especially related to employees, customers and shareholders


Jeff Lee

Chief Information Officer
Seacoast National Bank

9:30 AM - 10:00 AM Keynote Panel Discussion: The Data Holy Grail: Truly Understanding Your Customers, and Offering the Right Message and Right Offer

Jeff Lee, Chief Information Officer, Seacoast National Bank Karen Kallet, Senior Vice President/Chief Digital Operations Officer, BofI Federal Bank
Data has the power to truly change the way that banks understand customer behavior across channels – if it is used properly. For example, if you can pinpoint who your customers are as they enter your branches, you can make offers and communicate more effectively with them, offering tailored products and services for them. The business of analysis can unlock tremendous opportunities in both the long and short-term – and this session demonstrates how.

  • Uncovering untapped opportunities with your data; making changes in the short-term
  • Discovering tools to help analyze your data and provide a deeper analysis
  • Trying to automate the gathering the data instead of pulling from disparate data sources
  • Analyzing customer data and creating dashboards that can help you to make better business decisions
  • Understanding what your customer/client wants so you can provide a better experience for them


Jeff Lee

Chief Information Officer
Seacoast National Bank

Karen Kallet

Senior Vice President/Chief Digital Operations Officer
BofI Federal Bank

10:00 AM - 10:05 AM Help Huddle: Getting a Holistic View of Your Customer Data

These quick roundtables are peppered throughout the conference. You and your tablemates will each share one best practice around how to get a holistic view of your customer data.

10:05 AM - 10:50 AM Morning Refreshment And Networking Break in the Innovation Lab

Design best practices are critical when thinking about mobile web or mobile native. How do you determine what’s right for the client? This session walks through the considerations for both strategies, and outlines best practices to create mobile strategies that will resonate and drive client engagement.

  • Recognizing that mobile web and mobile native are different platforms that don’t compete with each other
  • Determining how they can complement each other in terms of reach
  • Making the experience on mobile devices consistent
  • Utilizing native apps to help drive brand penetration
  • Taking into account what the client wants first and foremost to determine your design strategy


Larry McClanahan

Senior Vice President/Director, Digital Delivery
Fifth Third Bank

Raouf Carmi

Vice President, Product Management & Digital Transformation
Eagle Investment Systems, a subsidiary of BNY Mellon

Chris Rajashekar

Senior Product Manager
Capital One

11:25 AM - 11:50 AM Keynote: Robo Advisory Usage In Wealth Management

Hear the Citizens Bank story around their successful implementation of robo advisory practices during this opening keynote session.

The relationship-driven model of wealth management is changing as client demographics change. Consumers of all age ranges are getting more and more comfortable with the use of technology. This will, in turn, impact their relationship with wealth management firms. This session will outline ways to better serve wealth management customers today and in the future..
  • Developing a detailed plan for digitization
  • Understanding changing client preferences around investment decisions
  • Developing digitally enabled offerings for your client base
  • Improving compliance and adding value to client relationships using digital tools


Brian Robinson

Senior Vice President/Manager, Wealth Management Digital Experience
Northern Trust

Sarah Lavin

Senior Vice President, Wealth Management Strategy
Northern Trust

12:15 PM - 12:30 PM Keynote Executive Presentation

Learn about the latest in digital banking trends in this keynote session.

12:30 PM - 12:55 PM The Evolution of Omni-Channel: Where Does the ATM Fit In?

Rachid Molinary, Vice President, Digital Strategy, Banco Popular
The presentation will focus on the future of ATMs and how we transact with them. How they can integrate with and adopt new technologies to evolve and behave more like our mobile devices. Using new authentication methods in combination with mobile apps we can facilitate card-less interactions, even to the unbanked. This will literally transform the ATMs as we’ve know them for the past 50 years.


Rachid Molinary

Vice President, Digital Strategy
Banco Popular

12:55 PM - 1:55 PM Lunch for All Attendees

General Session

1:55 PM - 2:05 PM Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

How do you begin the process of customer experience enhancements across channels? It begins with integrating your systems, and gathering that feedback. This session will not only look at internal processes to assist with customer experience optimization, but also how to think about your customer throughout the entire process.
  • Integrating your channels so you can obtain feedback across them
  • Operationalizing this process and using supporting technology
  • Gathering feedback across multiple channels (chat, text, Call/contact center, social channels, branch locations)
  • Connecting customer experience enhancements to your operational excellence to help problem solve across channels
  • Making the front line and back office communicate better so your customers can see improvements in your CX
  • Taking the time to understand customer needs


Margarita Luyre

Senior Product Manager, Digital Banking
Central 1 Credit Union

Jessica Morettie

Senior Manager, Strategic Planning & Alignment
Central 1 Credit Union

Dan Schreibstein

Head of Digital Marketing Platforms, Wealth Management
JP Morgan

Digital Innovators Track

By Invitation-Only

1:55 PM - 2:35 PM Digital Finance Leaders VIP Boardroom

This session is a facilitated strategy discussion for senior finance executives. Gather with a group of direct peers to network and problem solve. Participation is limited to no more than 15 participants.

Interested in participating? Email the Program Director at lori.hawthorne@wbresearch.com.

General Session

2:35 PM - 2:50 PM Executive Presentation

General Session

2:50 PM - 3:00 PM Case Study Remix: Extending Digital Capabilities to Better Connect Offline & Online Channels

Christina Hatziioannou, Director, Digital Strategy & Integration, CIBC
Achieving a seamless omni-channel experience is no easy feat. FIs have spent millions of dollars over the last few years to build digital teams and expand digital capabilities. Now, we have significant opportunities to optimize digital capabilities and offer benefits to traditionally offline experiences, such as face-to-face sales and financial advice. This is especially important as clients become more digitally engaged and expect a seamless, omni-channel experience. During this presentation, we will:
  • Discuss clients’ omni-channel expectations
  • Identify the largest pain points felt by clients in offline experiences
  • Recommend digital solutions that best alleviate those pain points and enhance the client experience


Christina Hatziioannou

Director, Digital Strategy & Integration

Digital Innovators Track

2:35 PM - 3:00 PM Small Group Discussions For Financial Services Executives

Marria Rhodriquez, Vice President, Digital Product Management & Strategy, Wells Fargo
These interactive small group roundtables will help you solve your most pressing digital challenges. They are limited to 10-15 participants in total.

Topic: Augmented and Virtual Reality Enhancements To The Financial Services Customer Experience: Looking At the Possibilities

  • Comprehending all of the possible applications of AR and VR use in a financial environment
  • Looking at gamification opportunities
  • Managing the content creation process
  • Determining how to resource for this (executing internally or getting a third party to assist)
  • Ensuring your marketing and communications teams are up to speed on the technology to help steer the direction of the content
  • Doing a cost/benefit analysis to determine the best ROI, and present the most relevant experience as possible for your clients


Marria Rhodriquez

Vice President, Digital Product Management & Strategy
Wells Fargo

3:00 PM - 3:40 PM Final Networking Break in the Innovation Lab

3:40 PM - 4:15 PM Top Challenge Interactive Roundtables

Discuss top of mind challenges from yesterday’s icebreaker in small groups. Hear from your peers and mingle before heading to the reception!

4:15 PM - 5:15 PM Southwest Reception for All Attendees

Close out the conference in the best way possible – surrounded by peers with cocktails and food in hand! You’ll enjoy wonderful delicacies you can only find in the southwest during our reception.

5:15 PM - 5:15 PM Conclusion of the Future Digital Finance West Conference – See You At FDF 2018 Next Year!